Turnaround Checklist

The key to a safe turnaround is organization.

With our turnaround checklist, your team can identify any potential safety blindspots during the planning and execution of your turnaround.

For industrial mobility, no other company can match the sheer breadth of what Turnaround Logistics has to offer.


Kubota UTVs are compact, easy to control and highly versatile for all your project needs.  Turnaround Logistics offers both 2- and 4-seater options.

Fuel Skids

Stay fueled up throughout your next project. Our fuel skids offer on-tap fuel to power the machinery at your work site and the tools you’re using, as well as the vehicles moving your workers and your equipment.


Bussing and 28-Passenger Trams

On site parking may not be enough to accommodate hundreds of workers at once. With buses and passenger trams, you can instruct workers to park off-site and provide transportation from the parking location to the work area.

Trucks and Trailers

Passenger vehicles aren’t adequate for moving massive, heavy pieces of equipment or large quantities of supplies. Turnaround Logistics offers a fleet of trucks and trailers that can make these tasks far easier to complete.

Transportation Vans (12-15 Passenger)

On larger projects, moving from location to location can be a challenge. Transportation vans serve to help a crew of workers transit between multiple buildings and facilities.

Meet Your Transportation Needs With Turnaround Logistics

For moving machines, moving supplies or moving people, Turnaround Logistics has all the vehicles you need to get the job done. Contact us today to learn about all of our industrial mobility options.