The Code Red Guide to Job Site Rescue

Rescue is an unfortunate, but necessary aspect of job site safety. With our guide, gain deeper insights into the importance of preparedness, prevention and response.

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RED i/O Monitoring

REDio Confined Space Monitoring

When personnel work in confined spaces, their safety and security is a top priority. Having eyes inside the work area — through the use of confined space monitoring technology — is crucial for mitigating risk and ensuring workers can receive rapid assistance if necessary.

RED i/O Monitoring combines innovative technical safety equipment and proven operational processes to deliver the industry’s leading confined space monitoring solution. Our system connects wirelessly to each confined space to provide an enhanced monitoring experience and steadfast security as workers operate in and around challenging areas.

Using advanced AI and infrared camera technology, RED i/O confined space monitoring streamlines the process of tracking and accounting for confined space personnel. Atmospheric monitoring provides up-to-the-second readings on the space to ensure conditions remain safe for those working inside.

Proven Leaders in Workplace Safety

With over 20 years of confined space monitoring technologies experience, Code Red Safety has the proven leadership, processes, and reliable technology to effectively manage workers within and around hazardous confined spaces.

RED i/O Monitoring Benefits

  • Highly trained, skilled workers with multiple safety qualifications
  • Reduced number of hole watch personnel required
  • Continuous visual and audible communication with entrants
  • Real time atmospheric readings
  • Permitting time savings (video and gas detection displays inside permit building)
  • Improved rescue and response communication
  • Automated record keeping for compliance requirements
  • In depth reporting (time on tools, safety observations, etc.)

Monitoring Features

  • Integrated Software Suite utilizing AI Technology
  • Integrated Electronic Access Control & Communication
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • 4k Enhanced IR Camera Technology
  • Multiple Wireless Communication Options