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At Code Red Safety, your safety is our top priority. Explore our blog, “What Code Red Stands For,” to learn more about how our company instills safety into every aspect of our operations.

Keep in Touch with Your Entire Team Easily and Reliably with Our Critical Two-Way Communications Division

Stay Connected

Whether you’re working in the field, at the plant or on the road, you need a reliable and flexible communications system you can count on. Our Critical Two-Way Communications division offers innovative solutions to ensure your team can work safely and efficiently in any situation.

We offer the full line of intrinsically safe MOTOTRBO™ Motorola™ digital two-way radios, and all products are expertly serviced to exceed your expectations, every time.

We understand that not all solutions are necessary long-term and that the upfront cost of purchasing can be prohibitive when dealing with new equipment. That's why our radios and accessories are available for both rent and sale.

A Two-Way Partnership

We know that there many options out there for radio equipment, but our highly experienced technicians will work with your team to make sure you get the right products and systems you need. We can even build a custom solution to support your project, no matter how complex the challenge.

No guesswork, no over-ordering, no being left out to dry. Just the right radio equipment for you.

We also stay on top of trends and innovations to ensure you always benefit from the latest technological advances.

Motorola™ Digital Radios

Code Red carries a wide variety of Motorola™ two-way digital radios for your next project. Whether you need 10 radios or 200, our communications experts can fit you with the right equipment.

We offer multiple Motorola™ Digital Radios including:

    • XPR 3500 IS MOTOTRBO
    • XPR 6550 IS MOTOTRBO
    • XPR 6580 IS MOTOTRBO
    • XPR 7550 IS MOTOTRBO
    • XPR 7550e IS MOTOTRBO
    • XPR 7580 IS MOTOTRBO
    • XPR 8400 MOTOTRBO Digital Repeater
    • SLR 5700 MOTOTRBO Digital Repeater

    Systems & Support

    At Code Red, we go above and beyond supplying equipment rentals and sales. We offer full support so that your communication equipment runs correctly and without compromise.

    Our communications teams are able to provide local equipment delivery and pick up nationwide and are available 24/7 for service and support. We make certain that your communication is crystal clear for smooth operations.

    Code Red's additional system and support features include:

    • Onsite capacity plus trunking systems
    • Interoperability data applications
    • Redundant backup system
    • Remote system monitoring

    Radio Accessories

    We offer all of the necessary accessories to ensure your communication systems operate effortlessly and smoothly. Be sure to ask our specialists about which radio accessories you need for your projects.

    • Batteries
    • Belt clips
    • Charging equipment
    • Headset
    • Speaker mics
    • Holsters