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Why You Should Make Preplanning Your First step in a Successful Turnaround

Turnarounds have many moving parts – without a proper plan, you’re opening your workers up to miscommunication, inefficiency and danger. Check out our latest blog to learn more about turnaround planning. 

Code Red's Turnkey Turnaround Services Keep Your Job Site Running Smoothly

One-Stop-Shop For All Things Safety

Managing turnarounds, shutdowns or outages can be challenging. There are dozens – even hundreds – of variables to consider on a job site and little margin for error when workers' safety is at stake. It's vital that you can trust your turnaround solutions to keep your employees safe and your production on schedule.

Code Red's Turnaround Solutions division has a proven track record of excellence thanks to our tenured safety experts who lead with more than two decades of turnaround experience.

With You Every Step of the Way

Right from the start, our highly trained teams work by your side to deliver a turnkey solution that exceeds your expectations for a safe and productive event. We can quickly assess your situation and provide proven solutions with minimal lead time.

At Code Red, we approach each turnaround with an established plan for success.


Before we act, we must know what our objectives are and what the situation encompasses. We work with your execution teams to ensure we capture all of the details and make recommendations needed on the front end, including safety, unit congestion and productivity.


With a proper plan in place, we work with your customer team lead to ensure you have everything you need and make decisions on your behalf to mitigate delays and confusion.

We also utilize industry-leading technology including Accutrack to provide real-time tracking and reporting of rental and/or damaged equipment, PPE and labor, including current costs and forecasts.

We believe in open communication at every step so that our operations are transparent and you have a full understanding of how each action leads you closer to your stated objectives.


Once we've solved your problem, we want you to get back to normal operations as quickly as possible. We remove breathing air systems and facilities in a timely manner and perform a final sweep for equipment and other outstanding items. Once complete, we provide a final invoice and SOFA within seven days of departure.

Turnaround Services

Code Red's turnaround management services are a one-stop-shop for your safety solutions. See our full suite of services below:

  • Grade D Breathing Air Solutions
  • Communication Solutions
  • Rescue Teams
  • Safety Personnel Staffing
  • PPE
  • Safety Rental Equipment
    • Respiratory protection
    • Gas detection solutions
    • Fall protection

Our Experience Matters

At Code Red, our safety experts have been leading the way in turnaround management services for 25 years. That experience allows us to quickly identify your pain points and develop solutions that work for you. With our deep breadth of knowledge across multiple turnaround services including staffing, air solutions and rescue, we are the reliable, ready and responsive option for your project.

I would highly recommend them for any work here at the Port Arthur site and other sites as well. Their staff was very professional and courteous, always involved [in] every aspect of the TA planning process and execution portion as well. … I feel Code Red Safety is a valuable asset to Valero and we will be using them again for future TAs here at the Port Arthur site and I would highly recommend them for your site as well.

James F. Sr. Planner, Valero