Code Red Safety: Complete Safety Service

Code Red Safety is a 24 hour 7 day a week company.

Code Red Safety employs and staffs certified safety professionals into large industrial and commercial construction or maintenance jobs all across the United States.
The 98%+ uptime average saves customers time and money by having the right equipment at the right place working on the right job.
Code Red Safety offers many training classes to meet a variety of standards and requirements which include, but are not limited to, OSHA, NFPA, and ANSI.
Our rescue teams are trained to OSHA 29CFR, Part 1910 and  NFPA 1006, 1670 and 1983 standards. and all of our personnel have at least 40 hours of training.

Providing Constant Full Service

Our #1 priority is providing the safest and quickest possible service when YOU need it. Since 1995 Code Red Safety has provided and exceeded the level of expectation and customer service it takes to ensure your workers get home to their families. We continue to strive to provide the very best.




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Our Rescue Teams Are Constantly Training

Our mission is providing rescue services to our customers to ensure we offer rescue teams that are experienced, well trained, and able to meet the varied demands of the job to which they are assigned.

We Provide Our Customers With The Highest Quality Services In the Industry

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Multiple Locations To Serve You

Code Red Safety has locations nationwide to provide local safety supervisors to your work site to eliminate travel, per diem, and hotel costs. This significantly lowers customer’s overall costs of safety supervision which leads to lower turnover rates.
  • We specialize in Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basin areas.
  • 56% of all our safety jobs were from local supervisors.
  • Each location is supplied with safety staff, store, and rental equipment.
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Confined Space Rescue

Code Red Safety specializes in confined space entry and rescue procedures. Our crew is unmatched in training and experience. Through our confined space rescue training services, we will help ensure that your workforce is proficient in the skills needed to safely and efficiently work with our teams when a confined space rescue is imminent in your workplace. Our crew accomplishes this by instructing your workforce in confined space rescue training while they are still outside of the environment. Then, our crew works with your employees so that they can maintain safety and awareness to changing conditions while inside the confined space.

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