The Code Red Guide to Job Site Rescue

Rescue is an unfortunate, but necessary aspect of job site safety. With our guide, gain deeper insights into the importance of preparedness, prevention and response.

Proper Respiratory Protection in the Workplace

The right equipment for work in toxic and hazardous atmospheres

Code Red Safety understands how vital respiratory protection is when working in industrial applications. Whether it's standard maintenance or unexpected circumstances, the right equipment can keep your workers safe on job sites with low oxygen or hazards including smoke, fog, gases and dust.

Our supplied air and SCBA respirators come from leading manufacturers including 3M Scott, MSA and more and are designed to meet necessary OSHA standards for safe and secure respiratory protection in the workplace.

Our available respiratory protective equipment includes:

  • Respirator Systems
    • Scott 30 Min. w/ AV-2000
    • Scott 60 Min w/ AV-2000
    • Scott 5-Minute Escape Pak w/ AV-2000
    • Scott SAR
    • Pureflo PAPR
  • Regulators
    • 8 Way Manifold w/ Regulator & Alarm
    • Pressure Reducing Regulator w/ Alarm
    • 5 Way Hex Manifold
  • Hoses
    • Low-pressure (50', 100')
    • High-pressure (50', 100')
  • Adapters & Replacement Parts
    • Welding Lens Adapter for Full Face Respirator
    • SA2100 3M Y Adapter (Yokes)
    • AV2000 Full Face Respirator- Spare
    • 5 Minute EEBA (Bag Type)

Equipment for Rent or Sale

Some equipment might only be needed for one job or you might want to test new equipment before placing a larger order. Make sure you have the right equipment for both your short-term and long-term needs with the flexibility of Code Red Safety equipment rental. Our expert team can help you find the right solution for your respiratory equipment needs.