What Code Red Stands For

At Code Red Safety, your safety is our top priority. Explore our blog, “What Code Red Stands For,” to learn more about how our company instills safety into every aspect of our operations.

Code Red Safety helps automotive manufacturers and suppliers stay well-staffed, productive and safe.

At Code Red Safety, our dedicated and experienced safety solutions teams work directly with automotive manufacturers and suppliers to make their sites more productive and safer. When you need building site temporary services, Code Red is ready to help.


Finding the right short-term and long-term safety staffing can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, but Code Red Safety has 25 years of experience finding the right staffing solution for your company, whether it's a six-month or three-year job.

With our contract database of more than 15,000 safety professionals, we can staff 85% of jobs on a local level, saving you time and money. Our database includes all experience levels from director to entry-level and we ensure that all workers have the proper OSHA, NFPA and ANSI certifications for your job site needs.

Additional Services

Our experience as safety partners has taught us to plan for the unplanned. That's why we offer an entire suite of safety services in addition to staffing.

Code Red Safety's additional services include:

At Code Red Safety, we're responsive, reliable and ready to act on any safety request you have.