The Code Red Guide to Job Site Rescue

Rescue is an unfortunate, but necessary aspect of job site safety. With our guide, gain deeper insights into the importance of preparedness, prevention and response.

Safe, Secure Workers at Any Height

Code Red Safety delivers the best fall protection equipment when you need it.

Having the right fall protection equipment can make all the difference when working at height on a job site. At Code Red Safety, we offer a full line of equipment for sale or rent to keep your workers safe and your company compliant with all necessary safety requirements.

Fall Protection Safety Equipment

We carry equipment from industry-leading companies to provide peace of mind and assurance that our safety lines, harnesses and more keep you safe and secure when working at height.

Our available fall protection equipment includes:

  • Lifelines
    • Safety Lifeline (100')
    • Retractable Lifeline w/ crank 3-in-1 (50’, 85', 130')
    • Rope Lifeline (50', 100')
    • SRL Lifeline (50')
  • Lanyards
    • Y Lanyards
    • SRL Dyna-Lock Lanyards (50')
    • Wristlet Lanyards
  • Full Body Harnesses
  • Tripods (7', 9')
  • Cable Ladders (25', 50')

Buy or Rent

We know that outfitting an entire job site can be costly, especially when you might use the equipment infrequently or need it for just one project. That's why all of our equipment is available for rent as well as for sale. It provides you with some added budget flexibility and lets you test-drive any models before making long-term purchases.