What Code Red Stands For

At Code Red Safety, your safety is our top priority. Explore our blog, “What Code Red Stands For,” to learn more about how our company instills safety into every aspect of our operations.

Turnkey safety solutions, including turnarounds, staffing and rescue.

With 25 years of experience, Code Red Safety uses our deep well of safety knowledge to help renewable energy companies make the future a reality. We work directly with you to deliver turnkey safety solutions that help your company stay productive while improving safety.

We have locations throughout the United States and quickly deliver solutions, services and products throughout the Gulf Coast, Midwest and rest of the country so that your renewables company can focus on your core competencies.

Turnkey Safety Solutions for Renewable Energy

We understand all of the moving parts in the renewable energy industry. You often need solutions yesterday, and we pride ourselves on being responsive, reliable and ready safety partners with the right services for your site-specific needs.

Our services include:

At Code Red Safety, we believe that business is more than transactional. When you trust us with your safety, we need to be more than just a safety provider. We need to be your safety partner.