How Code Red Safety is Your One-Stop-Shop for Safety

At Code Red, we’re more than just a safety provider, we’re a safety partner. That’s why we offer everything you need in one convenient place. Read our latest blog to see what one-stop shopping can do for you.

Accurate detection from single gas detectors, multi-gas detectors and more

Code Red Safety helps you avoid and prevent the spread of toxic gases and oxygen deficiencies

Keep your job site safe with gas detection monitors that are able to pick up a variety of gases as well as low oxygen so that your workers stay safe and your productions run smoothly.

Code Red Safety carries a variety of gas detection equipment sensors to help determine toxic leaks even when dealing with odorless or colorless gases. Our detectors include:

  • Single gas
  • Multi-gas
  • Photoionization detectors (PIDs)
  • Wireless gas monitoring

Toxic gases are a serious concern – make sure your job site is secure and up to necessary standards at all times with our easy-to-use, portable systems. Our available gas detection equipment includes:

  • Single & Multigas Detectors
    • MSA Altair 5X - 4 Gas w/ PID
    • MSA Altair 5X - 4 Gas (Pumped)
    • Personal 4 Gas Monitor: BW or MSA
    • ISC - MX6 - 4 Gas (PID optional)
    • RKI Eagle II
    • BW Single gas (H2S, CO, O2 )
    • Multirae Plus RAE 1-5 Gas PID
    • Mini RAE 3000 VOC Monitor
  • Wireless Gas Detectors
    • Area RAE 4 Gas w/ PID
    • Area RAE 4 Gas
    • ISC - Radius 4 Gas w/ PID and Pump
    • ISC - Radius 4 Gas - Area Monitoring (No pump)

Gas Detection Equipment for Rent or Sale

Our gas detection equipment is available for rent or sale so you always have the right tools for the job when you need them. Our rental program allows you to keep your budget and production times on schedule while giving you the flexibility to quickly scale up to meet your equipment needs. Our gas detection experts can help you find the right solution for your site's needs.