How Code Red Safety is Your One-Stop-Shop for Safety

At Code Red, we’re more than just a safety provider, we’re a safety partner. That’s why we offer everything you need in one convenient place. Read our latest blog to see what one-stop shopping can do for you.

Compressors, Trailers and Bottle Packages

Code Red Safety offers seamless compressed breathing air equipment integration

Whether you're dealing with hazardous gases, IDLH and toxic environments, having custom breathing air solutions is a necessity for your workers' wellbeing.

Breathing Air Systems

With our breathing air systems, we can provide you with custom solutions so your employees are safe and your project stays on schedule.

We offer 24/7 nationwide support for all of our equipment to make sure that your bottles are always full, your compressor stays operational and you have the best trailer for bottle quantity and workplace mobility.

Our breathing air systems and equipment include:

  • Guardian® compressor air system
  • Mini Tube Trailer (59,000 cu-ft air)
  • Jumbo Tube Trailer (159,000 cu-ft air)
  • Air Lite (72,000 cu-ft air)
  • 6-12 pack cascade
  • 20 or 36-bottle trailers
  • 72-bottle cascade trailer

Buy or Rent

Owning safety equipment is a capital-heavy investment that doesn't make sense for every project. Whether you need breathing air systems for long-term or short-term availability, we offer equipment rentals to help you manage your budget while keeping your project timeline on track. Our team can help you determine the right specialized breathing air equipment for your particular job or project.