Buy or Rent Safety Equipment

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

The best fire safety is stopping fires before they ever start. With our Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) capabilities, our fire safety experts can identify potential fire hazards, implement proper planning and ensure that your systems are optimized and ready to act in the event of a fire.

By installing early planning and detection systems, you can minimize fire occurrences and severity.

Our ITM offerings include:

  • Fixed and portable fire extinguishers
  • Deluge, vapor mitigation and sprinkler systems
  • CO2, foam-based and dry chemical suppression systems
  • Clean agent suppression systems
  • PIVs and fire monitors
  • Smoke, flame and incipient fire detection
  • Emergency alarm and plant-wide notification systems
  • Combustible and toxic gas detection systems
  • Fire pumps and apparatuses, including trucks
  • Fire hoses

Our People

We know that there is no substitute for experience. Our long-term fire safety professionals include;

  • VP of Fire Division with over 20 years of fire safety experience
  • General Operations Manager with over 25 years of fire safety experience
  • Fire Systems Specialist with over 35 years of fire safety experience
  • Multi-level Fire Technicians commensurate with licenses, certifications, and years of experience

Industrial & Wildland Fire Teams

Industrial and wildland fires are highly destructive and disruptive forces that not only compromise your projects' productivity but the very safety of your workers. Code Red provides a full suite of fire protection services for every aspect of fire safety.

Whether you are experiencing an industrial or wildland fire, you need to act quickly to ensure worker safety and minimize equipment and structural damage. We can quickly mobilize our fire teams and standby crews to provide vital support, including fire risk assessment, effort coordination and utility management.

Our teams are available 24/7 nationwide for any emergency – when there is no time to waste, count on the reliable, responsive fire safety solutions from Code Red.

Electronic Documentation

Keeping everyone on the same page increases safety. With our Smart Site inspections and safety partnership approach, we make sure that all information is easily accessible in our Smart Site dashboard.

Smart Site is a web-based platform featuring Toadfly Software, supporting 24/7 access to client-specific dashboards. These dashboards include:

  • Scheduled Maintenance, Inspection and Discrepancy Tracking
  • Financial Spend
  • KPIs

We always preplan with your team to ensure a proper plan and work with you throughout our partnership to align project cost management and real-time tracking.