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Code Red Safety has serviced jobs throughout the United States and have 9 locations. Our corporate office stationed in Chicago serves the Steel and Gas Industries mainly based across the Great Lakes and Chicagoland Area. There are Five branches based throughout Texas across the Eagle Ford Shale to service and maintain that the oil and gas industry employees remain safe while they work 24 hours a day. Having been called on when other safety companies have “dropped the ball”, Code Red Safety’s locations and customer based service ensures that the very best employee can be brought onto your station’s team and delivered to your location.

Why Are We The Best?

We are continuously growing to be able to deliver the best people to your job to help you and your company remain safe.
Wherever your job site, we will be able to deliver the right equipment and staff to complete your job when you need.
Our staff is encouraged to do whatever it takes everyday to ensure your service is made priority and understand the serious demand to keep your employees safe every single day.

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