The Code Red Guide to Job Site Rescue

Rescue is an unfortunate, but necessary aspect of job site safety. With our guide, gain deeper insights into the importance of preparedness, prevention and response.

Full Fire Safety Services Including Wildland Rescue, Safety Planning and More

Industrial and wildland fires are highly destructive and disruptive forces that not only compromise your projects' productivity but the very safety of your workers. Code Red provides a full suite of fire protection services for every aspect of fire safety.

Our services include:

  • Industrial & Wildland Fire Teams
  • Prevention & Management
  • Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam Systems

Industrial & Wildland Fire Teams

Whether you are experiencing an industrial or wildland fire, you need to act quickly to ensure worker safety and minimize equipment and structural damage. We can quickly mobilize our fire teams and standby crews to provide vital support, including fire risk assessment, effort coordination and utility management.

Our teams are available 24/7 nationwide for any emergency – when there is no time to waste, count on the reliable, responsive fire safety solutions from Code Red.

Prevention & Management

The best fire safety is stopping fires before they ever start. With our prevention and management capabilities, our fire safety experts can identify extreme fire conditions, including dry and crowded vegetation, high-variable wind conditions and more.

By installing early planning and detection systems, you can minimize fire occurrences and severity.

Our prevention and management services include:

  • Camera and weather station systems
  • Utility companies žcollaboration
  • Fire prevention crews ž
  • Vegetation management

Self-Expanding Fire Fighting Foam Systems

Time is paramount when a fire breaks out: In less than five minutes, significant structural damage can occur and after 10 minutes, total structural damage is all but guaranteed.

With our self expanding fire fighting foam systems, we can install systems that provide an immediate availability of foam to contain fires quickly. These on-site systems offer significant knockdown power with 100% consistency to save lives, assets and infrastructure. The self-expanding fire fighting foam system is more effective than water and requires no dependencies to operate.