Code Red specializes in the placement of contract OSHA or NCCER certified safety.

Code Red Safety employs and staffs certified safety professionals, safety supervisors, safety directors and safety consultants into large industrial and commercial construction or maintenance jobs all across the United States. We have the ability to place one person or multiple for larger projects. Whether you need an onsite safety professional for a construction project or a mock OSHA Audit, Code Red Safety – Contract Staffing has the ability to staff all of your needs. Our contract safety services include confinedr staffing, safety managers, safety directors and safety consultants.

Who chooses Code Red?

  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • General Contractors
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Oilfields

Local Contractors Save You Money.

Code Red Safety Staffing has access to over 10,000 safety resumes nationally. This means we have a high probability of staffing your safety jobs with a quality, certified professional who lives within 50 miles of your jobsite.

Our candidates range in experience from entry level to having 30+ years of experience. Because we have such a large database of resumes, 97% of the time we send qualified candidates’ resumes to the customer within 3 days of the initial phone call. If the project starts the same week, 99.9% of the time, you will have resumes the same day.

2011 Jobs Filled By Local Contractors 79%
2012 Jobs Filled By Local Contractors 76%
2013 Jobs Filled By Local Contractors 78%
Contract Success Rate
Within Initial Call

We Offer All the Solutions You Need

Temporary safety staffing can be an effective way of filling positions while you wait to find the perfect candidate for permanent work. In fact, some of these professionals become the right fit, so you don’t have to look any further. Code Red Safety operates with a large database of professionals who are able to fill positions like confinedr staffing, safety consultant, safety director, temporary safety supervisor and more. These candidates have a wide range of experiences, from entry level workers to those who have been on the field for 30 years or longer. Our contract safety services are ideal for finding the right candidate for the job without having to filter through an excessive number of resumes on your own. We already have a comprehensive list of resumes from which you can choose based on your criteria.

Contract The Right Safety Professional For Your Project

Safety Supervisor

Where the safety manager is in charge of the ideation, drafting, and communication of safety and compliance protocols, the safety supervisor is the person in charge of implementing all those requirements. A nuts-and-bolts logistics-minded role player, safety supervisor positions tend to be staffed by workers who have logged years of field experience in their specific industries before turning their focus toward worker safety. Safety supervisors are boots-on-the-ground representatives who speak the language of the workers they’re hoping to protect, both from sustaining injuries and/or incurring fines from regulating agencies like OSHA. A safety supervisor inspects work sites and conducts evaluations to ensure safety policies and procedures are in effect. They also liaise with government inspectors, devise evacuation plans, and design for disposal, lighting, and ventilation systems that minimize risks to worker health and safety. If your organization has a good idea of safety protocols that need to be implemented, but you could use some insights about how to go about implementing those measures, then hiring a safety supervisor for your construction safety staffing, from Code Red Safety might be a good option for your company.

Safety Consultant

A Safety Consultant is a role player who bridges the gap between the duties of a safety director and a safety supervisor. Safety consultants provide both technical and regulatory expertise to help implement occupational safety and health compliance practices. The responsibilities of a safety consultant may include: evaluating worksites for safety hazards and unsafe behaviors, performing safety audits, devising compliance programs, providing both general and industry-specific safety training, industrial hygiene monitoring, site safety inspections, and assistance with OSHA compliance. If your organization has kept robust safety practices in place for a long time, but you suspect new hazards may have arisen, or that updates to federal regulations may place your employees and your company at risk, then perhaps hiring a safety consultant for temporary safety staffing through Code Red Safety might be a good idea.

Safety Director

Safety Director positions tend to be staffed with those who hold bachelor’s degree in safety or engineering, and they perform the managerial role of leading safety, environmental and health management compliance initiatives across an entire organization. They take the big-picture perspective of safety compliance and oversee the implementation of safety initiatives. The duties of a safety director depend on a nuanced skill set that ranges from persuasion, negotiation and other human resources duties, to the creation and management of various documents, to subject matter expertise in their specific industries. Directors act as liaisons between workers and management, which involves a delicate balance of worker advocacy, legal compliance, and organizational initiatives.

Ultimately, safety directors draft safety policies that are informed by their own workplace inspections. The protocols they develop need to account for regulatory compliance without binding the hands of workers to the point that they can no longer perform their jobs. Then they organize the design, production, and circulation of instructional materials that train workers in those policies. They also oversee accident investigations and compliance inspections. Between legal regulations, insurance stipulations, worker needs, and organizational initiatives, a safety director juggles many conflicting needs and liabilities on a regular basis.

If your organization needs a comprehensive safety and compliance initiative drawn up by someone with in-depth knowledge of government regulations and industry best-practices, then hiring a safety director from Code Red Safety to include in your construction safety staffing, may be the option you’re looking for. If you have policies in place but need help with execution so that your employees can remain focused on their jobs, there’s a good chance that adding a safety director, even if it’s just temporary safety staffing, will benefit your organization.

Find the Perfect Fit

It can be difficult to find the right person for the job when you advertise a position through more traditional means. Our temporary safety staffing agency is proud of our work to help you find the right person to fill any position you may have. Our goal is to match candidates who meet your qualifications, so you don’t have to go through piles of resumes, many of which belong to people without the right experience. We have already pre-screened the candidates before we send resumes to you.

Why Use The Predictive Index Assessment?

Our Team utilizes the Predictive Index (PI) behavioral assessment tool to ensure we match the right candidate to each specific job. This assessment is based-on science and can provide managers with the most accurate data that can be used to quantify the motivating needs and behavioral factors that drive each candidate. Using this Predictive Index can help understand the needs and motivations of safety professionals, allowing managers to forge a better connection and to simplify the ability to manage them to ensure the best results that satisfy a company’s needs.

For each of these positions, we use the “Predictive Index”, (PI), to select the perfect candidate for your job. The PI allows us to understand the motivations of the person selected. With those motivations, we can select those that best fit a customer’s needs whether they need a safety cop to offer tough discipline or the safety consultant to work along side of the customer’s workers. By knowing the leadership and management style of our temp safety staff we can offer better fits for our customers.

The PI has helped us lower our turnover to less than 5% for the current year, this lowers costs for our customers by having the staff selected stay the duration of the project. We also use the PI in selecting

The Predictive Index offers a quick, easy-to-use and practical solution to obtain insight from your employees. The assessment itself takes about 10 minutes and will allow your clients to view the results immediately.
The PI is free from bias and offers valid and reliable results in a work environment. It is designed to assist employers with compliance under the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures. Companies can use the PI to select new employees, as well as offer career development options to existing employees. Hundreds of statistical studies have shown the extend this assessment can predict performance in the workplace. These studies looked at a variety of industries, including business services, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, financial services and much more.
The Predictive Index has already found use in a number of company sizes in various jobs spanning numerous industries, levels, business models and growth trajectories. It can be completed online in 68 languages and has reached more than 140 countries. It is also available in a paper-based version for those who require Braille.
The PI was designed to be self-sufficient instead of being dependent on a consultant or on a per-click basis. Managers can be trained to use the application through the PI Management Workshop, which is a Knowledge program created specifically for the assessment. The program has become widely known as one of the best management development programs available on the market.

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