Safety Equipment Rental

Consider Safety Rental Equipment

Many industries require specialized equipment to assist with their safe operations. While some of this equipment should be onsite at all times, much of it can be used on a rental basis. However, many companies fail to recognize the benefits of renting over owning, which can create issues with cash flow and other aspects of running the business. Before you make the decision to buy the safety equipment you may need at some point in the future, consider why it may be better to rent instead.

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Reasons to Use Safety Rental Equipment

It can be expensive to purchase the equipment you won’t use on a regular basis. Purchasing only the basic equipment and renting the rest will be more cost-effective.
Having the right equipment is essential to avoid inefficiencies because you used the wrong size or type. Incorrect equipment can lead to higher repair costs as well. Safety rental equipment means you will always have the right tools for the job.
In addition to paying for the equipment, you would also need to store it, increasing your overhead due to the need for additional building space. Renting will eliminate these extra costs.
Over time, it’s not unusual for equipment to breakdown. However, when you are using safety rental equipment, you won’t have to worry. It will be replaced to minimize downtime and eliminate the cost of repairs.
When you rent equipment, it includes the cost of maintenance. You won’t have to find a repair shop, keep spare parts on hand or hire mechanics to do the job. The rental company keeps track of required maintenance and handles it all for you.
If you aren’t storing the equipment, you eliminate the risk of theft. You only use the equipment when you need it and can forget about it when you don’t.
Eventually, all equipment gets outdated. If you are working with older equipment, it will take longer to complete a job, increasing the wages and repair costs. Rental companies will provide the latest equipment so you can work more efficiently.
It can be time-consuming and expensive to resell old equipment. Advertising costs and length of time to sell are eliminated when you rent.
Most companies don’t consider the true cost of ownership. Instead, work with a rental company, so you know exactly how much money you are putting into the equipment you use.
You can eliminate the cost of licensing equipment, as well as personal property taxes, by renting.
Safety rental equipment allows you to utilize your capital for other purposes within your business.
If you need to borrow money for your company, lenders look at your ratio of assets to liabilities. If you don’t own your own equipment but rent instead, there is less liability, improving your ratio. You won’t disturb your typical line of bank credit, allowing you to get the funding you need for other aspects of your operations.
If you’re interested in safety rental equipment, it’s necessary to make sure you find the right provider to best suit your needs.  At Code Red Safety, we offer all the equipment you may need to perform rescues and otherwise keep your employees safe on the job.  We understand the risks associated with some of the most dangerous industries and strive to provide our clients with access to all the tools and training they need to remain compliant in matters of safety.
We realize every company has its own unique needs, which is why we will work with you to find the right rental equipment, as well as to negotiate the proper terms to fit your needs and your budget. We want to help you keep your employees safe, regardless of how much risk is involved in your industry.