High Angle Rescue

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Who Relies on Our High Angle Rescue Services?

When it comes to difficult rescues where slope is an issue, our high angle rescue service is designed to safely, quickly and efficiently transport accident victims to safer ground so they can get the medical care they require. The following types of locations can benefit most from these services:

  • Tank Farms
  • Silos
  • Vessels
  • Mills
  • Elevated Platforms
  • Windfarms
  • Skyscrapers
  • Below Grade Vessels

Code Red Safety specializes in High Angle Rescue. High angle is the variety of technical rope rescue techniques used to rescue injured or otherwise incapacitated persons on terrain at slopes of 60º or greater. It involves the need to hoist victims from one level to another using ropes, pulleys, harnesses, belay devices and various hauling implements. Rescuers build on-site rigging systems designed either to raise or lower accident victims to the optimum elevation for safe extraction that they have learned through our high angle rescue training programs and classes. Our methods employ a technical form of Rope Rescue that has been designed to extradite the victim with the best possible ratio of speed and safety. Our #1 priority is to safely retrieve injured victims, which means every aspect of our rescue procedures are tailored to minimize further injury during transportation.

High Angle Rescue Service Pre Planning

Since high angle rope rescue involves unique hazards and requires special equipment, each work site is given a safety audit in advance to establish rescue pre-plans to identify specific safety hazards and subsequent contingency measures to ensure that if or when the need to perform a rescue were to occur, each member of the rescue team would already be knowledgeable about the facility conditions. Our high angle rescue service will evaluate the:

  • Hazards
  • Equipment Needs
  • Compatible Crews
  • Identifying Anchors
  • Atmospheric Conditions
  • Routes of Travel
  • Rally Points

We understand every business and location has unique needs and how important it is for a high angle rescue service to be aware of the situation before a rescue has to be performed. It is our goal to fully understand your needs so if an accident occurs, your employees can get the necessary help quickly to ensure the best possible outcome.

High Angle Rescue Chicago, IL

Performing Rescues

Before our technical rescue teams move accident victims, they first identify any conditions that may pose further threats over the course of the extraction, to ensure he or she will be extracted without sustaining further injury. Upon initial contact, a rescuer will identify:

  • If the patient is conscious or responsive
  • Is there any spinal cord injury, to determine if extraction can be done quickly.
  • Is the rescuer about to extract the patient with or without rescue equipment support
  • Is the patient stable for extraction

When it comes to high angle rescue service, it’s critical to treat every individual with care. Precision is key, which is why we are trained to evaluate the condition of the injured victim, as well as the site location, to protect the safety of everyone involved.

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