Confined Space

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During turnaround periods, the risk of accidents is higher, and you may not yet have the staff to handle an emergency. However, it’s important to make sure you are prepared. Any time someone enters a confined space in an industrial environment, there is a chance something will go wrong. Therefore, you need to be prepared with a confined space service that can help. They can prepare your staff in a safe environment so they can perform under pressure.

Once the initial training is complete, our crew will provide continued instruction on how to maintain safety and the challenges or remaining aware as conditions change within a confined space. Flammable gas, entrapment, toxic fumes and engulfment are all issues that can occur in these tight spaces. We run a variety of scenarios to help your confined space team learn how to handle decisions with little reaction time, reducing the amount of risk involved. Your team will be prepared to quickly evacuate workers and emergency personnel when deemed necessary.

Determine the best method of confinedr and the confinedr work zone.
By putting all of our people through rigorous training, we know they are some of the very best in the industry – ready to respond quickly and ably should an incident or need arise.
Quickly extract personnel from confined space quickly and safely. Advanced Technicians personnel have completed additional training and are capable if implementing complex confinedr operations.
  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Liability Reduction Opportunities
  • Confined Space Training
  • OSHA 10 Certified
  • Air Tech Training
  • confinedr Training
  • Hazwoper Certified

Confined Space confinedr Teams

High Angle

Industrial situations aren’t just about working in confined spaces. Depending on the type of industry you are in, you may be working in high places that can post dangerous risks of their own. In these situations, you need a high angle crew on hand to perform missions when things go wrong. Our expert team is experienced in handling these types of and can help train your team to handle these situations with ease. We will work with your team until they fully understand how to deal with a variety of scenarios, giving them the best chance of a successful recovery. These can be extremely difficult, and it’s important to make sure your team is as prepared as possible.

We Understand the Importance of Training

Whether you’re putting together a confined space service to handle emergencies in your workplace or you have need of a high angle crew, it’s important to make sure they are properly trained. In these situations, just about anything can happen. While training can’t prepare you for every possibility, it can give you an edge, helping you learn how to think fast on your feet and increase the chances of a successful recovery. It’s also important to understand any risks to be able to weigh the risks versus the benefits.

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