What leadership/managerial style of safety supervisor do you want on your job site?

One way to quickly determine a safety supervisor’s leadership style is using the Predictive Index™. Code Red Safety uses it to determine one of three leadership/management styles of safety supervisors that we frequently see:

  • Safety cop/disciplinarian – A person who is very strict about punishing bad behavior: a person who uses discipline as a way of making sure that rules or orders are obeyed. Webster dictionary
  • Safety consultant – Experienced professional who provides expert knowledge. Webster dictionary
  • Safety teacher – Ateacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. Wikipedia

Each style has a place and time. Depending upon the job, the stage of the work, the type of work, the type of craft they will supervise, the experience with safety that the crafts people have, and the experience with the company that the crafts people have all drive different needs for the leadership/management style of the safety supervisor.

Interested in learning more or how to find your safety supervisors style for free? Contact Haley Hammonds at Code Red Safety hhammonds@coderedsafety.com