Hard to believe that the year is 1/3 over already but it is and now it’s almost time to start thinking about Summer. Summer brings a whole range of things that we need to be concerned with both at work and at home. Some of the things we need to think about are unique to Summer and some are things that you need to be aware of all year long.

With Summer comes more things we do outdoors, and the hazards associated with heat, sunburn and just plain over doing it. Here are some safety tips from the National Safety Council that we should all be aware of

Heat – While we all need to be aware of what affects heat has on each of us because we all react differently there are some key things to remember:

  • Drink lots of water even if you aren’t thirsty
  • Dress sensibly, dress for your environment
  • Take extra breaks to prevent overheating or heat stroke
  • Take it easy with the exercise, we aren’t as young as we used to be and weekend warrior syndrome is all too common

Bugs – With Summer comes and influx of bugs/insects that take the fun out of enjoying the outdoors

  • Mosquitoes, not only are they annoying they can be deadly as they transmit man different illnesses include Zika and West Nile viruses
  • Spending time in wooded areas means you might pick-up a tick or two so be aware of your surrounds and don’t forget that if you take your dog for a walk that they can be carriers of this nasty critters

Fireworks – We all like to watch and/or participate in fireworks displays.

  • Be aware of the local ordinances related to where and what can be used
  • Be aware of the people around you when setting off the fireworks
  • Alcohol and fireworks are a dangerous mixture so don’t combine
  • Keep your distance from other people and structures
  • Common sense is not so common so read all the instructions

Water Safety – Time to get the boat out of dry dock or take the family to the beach

  • Swim only in designated areas
  • Do you and your family members know how to swim?
  • Children don’t know the dangers of water, stay close to them
  • If you are on a boat, wear a lifejacket, it’s only uncomfortable when it isn’t saving your life
  • Alcohol and water are 2 liquids that don’t mix well when you’re at the beach or on a boat

This is only a short list of the hazards of Summer. Summer is a time for fun and enjoying the outdoors it is also a time when we must be extra careful. Have a great Summer and please be safe.