Code Red Safety

Since 1995, Code Red Safety has offered industrial level safety training, products and personnel. Located in Hammond, IN, the company began serving areas of northwest Indiana and northeast Illinois. Over the years, the company has acquired additional facilities in Houston, TX, and St. Louis, MO, so they could expand their service area in other heavy industry areas. Their goal is to provide services to businesses throughout the United States.

While most safety companies claim to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction, Code Red Safety delivers on that promise. We empower our employees to provide for our customer’s needs, by thoroughly screening and traning them. Every safety manger, safety director, safety technician, safety supervisor, safety consultant or any other contract safety staffing employee has the tools necessary to get the job done right, providing them with the ability to provide the highest level of customer service. How does this work? Empowering our employees means they enjoy the work they do, are proud of their accomplishments and work hard to meet your needs in a way you will appreciate.

Why You Need Industrial Safety Services

There are many reasons you should consider outsourcing your safety needs to our professionals. Our temporary safety staffing and safety emergency response services can offer greater flexibility, save you money, ensure compliance of safety regulations and prevent law suits, among other benefits. However, the best reason you should consider turnaround safety and other services include the ability to prevent accidents in the future. These accidents pose the risk of injuring your employees, crippling your business and costing you money and your reputation.

It’s important to be in full compliance with OSHA standards, especially in certain industries that pose unique challenges, like construction, refineries and oil companies. Some of the sectors we serve include heavy industry, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, chemicals, transportation, material handling and others. These industries require industrial or construction safety measures to ensure a safe environment for workers. Our safety outsourcing firm can provide these services in a timely manner, helping you protect your employees and the environment in which they work.

Why choose Code Red Safety?

We’ve been in the business of safety manpower outsourcing, training and supplies since 1995. Our safety record speaks for itself, as it is one of the highest safety records in the country.
Our safety contractors get there on time, work hard, and take responsibility.
Our safety professionals are carefully chosen and trained by our in-house OSHA-500 trainers and receive regular safety updates.
Code Red Safety supervisors have been rigorously interviewed, skill tested, drug tested and reference checked.
You tell us what you need, and we assign the right people with the right qualifications for the job, no matter where you are in the US. Our large nationwide database of workers means you don’t have to wait for the industrial safety services you need.

Keep Your Employees Safe

Code Red Safety Service Van

  • Regulatory Compliance (OSHA, ADA, State, etc.)
  • Liability Reduction Opportunities
  • Financial Opportunities
  • Program Effectiveness
  • Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking
  • Internal Management Responsibility
  • OSHA VPP Qualification
  • Workers Compensation
  • Performance
  • Risk Management
  • Possible lower insurance costs

It is your job to make sure your employees can do their job safely, regardless of the risks associated with your industry. We specialize in safety project management to ensure you can give your employees a solid foundation in safety. Whether you need a safety consultant to identify areas you can improve, or you need contract safety staffing to fill other positions, we are ready to assist. We have a database of trained professionals, ranging in experience from entry level to more than 30 years of experience. We can help you fill these positions, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Rentals Are an Option

We don’t solely offer services to our clients. We also provide the rentals you may need to provide your own safety work. Our safety equipment rental, including breathing air rental, are designed to give you the equipment you need without the expense of purchasing it yourself.